Friday, December 10, 2010


Opening Speech by the Head Mistress Cikgu Hamiltun binti Haji Abdul Samad, Guru Kelas Pra Cikgu Hajah Radhiyah bte Hj Ibrahim and Mrs Carron Montgomery from Scotland (CFBT)
Parents eager to send their pupils here because we(our teachers) will try to provide the best education possible.
conducted like a real classroom after they visited all the important places including the toilet and how to use them.
Head Mistress came to see the pupils activity in class, any feedback will be given to the appointed Pra Teacher next Year.
Early childhood education is very important, we start from basic. Keep going back to basic to gain one step forward.
The prefects also came flooding the Pra class. They played with the pupils with their new toys.
Abdul Hakeem seems to blend in easily with the environment. Good to know.. We need on special needs Teacher because Abdul Hakeem is a very special pupil.
What kind of pose is this? Aqil, did you made him do this??
Spotted! Computer room, this is one of the favorable places to visit when they come to school.
In one line, practice for 2011, they cannot wait.
A few of the Pra pupils already know where to go after the Orientation was conducted.
A visit to the Teacher's staffroom. Very excited indeed.

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