Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is when the pupils starts to shout with their response to get attention form the Teacher during Induction...

Stirring the soluble stuff to get results: eager + excited = interest in learning

Tasty huh!!!!

With the term SPN (Sisitem Pendidikan Negara), we would like to thank all Teachers in making sure the system work well with the Pupils in Schools.

In our school, I came across one of our teacher, who made his lesson very interesting in class teaching soluble and insoluble. Why did I say that !!? Well, It is not an easy task to teach the real concept on how anything that can disappear with water.

What He did was. He asked the pupils to taste and touch the soluble substance and the insoluble substance after. The substances were SAND, SUGAR, SALT and WOOD DUST: Teacher ask the pupils to touch or even taste the materials and they responded very well. I observed smiles, laughs, and even frowns. But that was not the real deal......

What caught my attention was that the pupils were very excited!!! very interested in trying to find out the answers. But the Teacher always controls the lesson by reminding the pupils to follow the Teacher's instructions. Eventually, class management really induce their learning to the maximum as what SPN demands really need in shaping the pupils thinking skills. They discuss, argue, communicate, collaborate and compare their answers with other groups without the Teacher ask them to.Ace for Cikgu Roy Morni Bin Awang for his meaningful lesson for the pupils.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010


random shots...........

winners for best dress.............

Recitation of both Dua from Ustaz Ashrah and Md Irfan. Dua for Hari Raya, PSR Examination and Hari Guru.

Person incharge.... with the photography...

Kuiz dan Upacara penyampaian Hadiah. Gambar di sebelah kanan ialah Roy dan Carron Montgomery.

Turut Hadir di Majlis tersebut. Gembira Bersama.

Waktu Berziarah bersama Guru - guru dan Murid - murid.

Di bawah ini adalah tarian secara bebas di suasana Hari Raya.

Lagu "Balik Kampung" dan "Menjelang Syawal" dinyanyikan beramai- ramai

Dengan senyuman yang menawan oleh Juruacara kita digandingkan dengan Cikgu Adriana.

Acara akan dimulakan, Juruacara sudah bersedia... Bagaimana? adakah warna cincin juruacara sama dengan warna jam saya??

Suasana Jamuan yang dihidangi dan suasana ceria.