Thursday, December 9, 2010

LUNCH @ FULL HOUSE 30/11/2010

These are the food they serve from the FULL HOUSE restaurant in Kiulap ( opposite Sugar and Spice)

Eidda :Status updated via Facebook....

Fojiah: Milo is already half way..

2nd table crowd..

Gentlemen... ready for Lunch??

I like it when you are all Happy.

Teacher Dk Haini with her lovely dress.

we enjoyed it very well. Nice food by the way.

Which round is this, 1st ? 2nd? 3rd?

Wishing everyone all the best.. Happy closing 2010 term.. C u all in 2011.

Carron, excited to get ready for her holidays..

Our Senior Teacher of Academic, leaving the restaurant with happy memories. C u next Year

GB treat us all...

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