Sunday, November 14, 2010


The things we need to make a Sandwich.... mmmmmm... Year 2 pupils.... and Science lesson...

Burberry Jam and Eggs will be one of the Healthy food to be used..

The Teacher did not say anything.. the pupils already started to move.. the pupils need to be controlled by the Teacher so that they will learn more effectively... here we go...

See... look at those response from the pupils.. The Question was: Can anyone show me how to make a Sandwich??
There were 4 pupils who never made a sandwich themselves, Sistem Pendidikan Negara 21 gives opportunity to the pupils to learn and to experience every details in classroom.

Cikgu Hazlin came to see how the pupils work..

Clear explanation is the key to attract pupils attention. Let the pupils feel confident and encouraged to tackle these tasks.

Look how eager they are when they understood what has to be done!!!

There were three Teachers in the classroom, teamwork is very important. We need that to minimize challenge.

This is where the pupils did their hands on (experiment) and made their own sandwich themselves... very nice.. tasty....

Enjoying the food??? Yummy!!!

Teachers should be creative in re-creating lessons. They have to know how to approach the pupils and how to educate them effectively. These are one of the Teaching style that we need to instill in all SPN Teachers.

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