Monday, November 1, 2010


This is where Mr Richard kept telling how friendly Brunei is and how wonderful the people are. He will be coming back to Brunei for a Vacation with his wife anytime soon.

A United States Certified National Coach and involved in the Atlanta Olympic Games 1996, he teaches what he usually do for training and hope it will help the pupils gain more form these tips.
Look how firm and friendly he is to the pupils. everyone had fun during the training.... In Black is Mr Anthony and Richard serves the ball for me to catch.. Yikes!!! that was fast!!!

A token of Appreciation to both Mr Richard and Mr Anthony Presented by The Guru Besar for their contribution to the School. There I am... Just caught me there laughing.... in Blue

We were talking about the potential players needs to be polished and supported to its fullest. Because the pupils need facilities and a place to train...

Lets take a closer look around the water village. We took pictures together, they asked a few questions about Brunei, Amazed by Brunei Identity on how Bruneians conduct weddings in Kampong Ayer. They even asked what is the function of "LUMUT LUNTING".

Both Mr Richard and Mr Anthony got a chance to go out using the School Boat asked by The Guru Besar: Sight Seeing i suppose.... They both enjoyed it very well...

Coaching Mode Changed to Tourists Mode.....

A generous gift by Mr Richard Mc Afee. He gave us his book for free and signed his autograph. What an opportunity to be given away just like that. People would die to meet him in person just to train and to be their GURU.... US?, he decided to come in and took part..

In sports, you need to look up three things: Physiology of the Players, Psychology and the Methodology on how to encounter the strength and weakness of the other opponent.

One type of Drilling; Our pupils were given the opportunity to meet and play a game of Ping Pong with these two nice gentlemen. They came with humble opinions and suggestions on how to improve the pupils traning. Most tips were also given to interested teachers who took part when he came, how to drill, when to train and when to rest is the significant tip for the every sports.

Richard Mc Afee is the author of " TABLE TENNIS" Steps to Success No: 1 Sports introduction Series Publish by Human Kinetics Year 2009. He came with the Secretary General of Brunei Amateur Table Tennis Association Mr Anthony Vun Liew (Organised the Coaching Program conducted by Richard for over 20 coaches from Brunei). This book will be useful for any research on sports.

He also mention about giving responsibilities to the pupils will make them learn more: it will make them more disciplined, more fun and more practice for themselves. Other than that,every coach can focus more on other who need one on one training. Our pupils were so excited to meet him and eager to be trained by him.

He gave a few tips to Mr Lim Han on how to tackle things in training Ping Pong: "An Hour Every Saturday is not Enough" We need to train them outside after school hours and parental involvement is crucial for the pupils success.

Players from our school and the Teachers : Group Photo. Thank You Mr Anthony and Mr Richard McAfee for the wonderful experience. Hope to see you soon.

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Photo Courtesy from SZ a.k.a Azim CF

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