Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Abdul Wafi Bin Suhardi - The Youngest Brunei Ping Pong player in S.R.Haji Tarif, Brunei I
Anita binti Ladis received more than 5 prices when she got her result.. FIVE A's man...
Asnawi bin Ashria - One of the most progressive student in Haji Tarif from Zero to Hero.....
Mohd Syarif Syafwan bin Sabli - The creative and funny student in class.
Mohd Ali bin Serfuddin - Blue is one of the striking colour in Haji Tarif, Brunei I.
Mohammad Hafiz bin Roshidi - Football Player, Ping Pong, Badminton 2nd Runner Up and a good student too.
Mohd Fadhli Muslin bin Muslihin - active and very responsible.

Dk Izzatul Haziqah binti Pg Sharani - she never miss handing in her homework.
Nor Ummillah binti Ahmad Taib - ..............................................................
Nur Hisyamuddin bin Abdullah - SR Danau. Unique...
Mohd Mahdi bin Rosmi - Very quiet and always ask his Teacher questions when he doesnt understand.
Mohd Al-Sahri bin Asnan - i hope that you will be one of the best student in Secondary
Mohd Yusra bin Haji Abdul Rahman - very energetic and determined.
Nor Sabrina - Best Reader in Class Year 2
Nominated as the Best Girl Student in SR Haji Tarif  for the Year 2011.
Head School Prefek: The Best and most responsible prefek we ever know. He is now at Maktab SOAS, Advance students cohort 3. Well done...

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