Saturday, April 2, 2011


Wafi and his opponent from Datu Ahmad. What a good game for both of them. Thank you referee, Cikgu Asrino.
Mr Lim Han was not happy when Wafi didn't win the Finals. A bit upset but he knows that Wafi did his best to grab that manificent title.
Happy faces during the Tournament was held in the new school. Sports School. Equipped and facilitated well.

Teachers who came to support, Hamiltun binti Hj Abd Samad (Guru Besar) ,Roy morni, Qamariah bte Idris, Arif bin Ahmad, Suazmie Zulkifli, Ardiana binti Abi, Dk hjh Nurhaini Binti Pg Hj Besar, Rozaimah bte Sulaiman.
Haziyah fighting for the title, she tried her best. Unfortunately, she didnt get through.

Wafi bin Suhardi got second place on Singles.
Training before the match. Ali Serfudin and Mohd Aiman bin Saili for Double. They won the champion title.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Education. I Think it is about 2++ BND. Yonex, nice gear!!!

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