Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In collaboration with SPN 21 learning program. Weve decided to make an activity so different. It is called reality learning. Reality Learning means pupils learn through grand celebrations in front of public. That is questioning and answering about the "Prophet Mohammad's" activities in spreading ISLAM and its challenges against the community back then.

Look at them.. so excited.. we haven't started yet... The second picture will tell you how they participate with the "DIKIR DABAIE" very well recited... The third picture was the open air quiz for all level of pupils...

The one with Chocolate is the Chariman of the ceremony, 2nd pic is the sovenir and the last picture is the participation of the prefects for the "DIKIR AL HAM".
What we did was: we create FUN, PLAY and LEARN MORE... environment in school.
We provide opportunities, pupils get the chance to learn from it.
Thank you Teachers and Staff for helping this ceremony come to a meaningful end. Regards from Academic and Religious Affairs Department from S.R.Haji Tarif.

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