Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Guest of honour: The Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office, Dato Seri Paduka Hj Eusoff Agaki Hj Ismail.
Welcome and enjoy an experience from the ASEAN competition presentation ceremony.

Thailand - the land of Elephants, Teak wood and rice exports
we would like to congratulate the working commitees for their hard work and effort to make this competition a success.
(Singapore or Singapura - the garden city)
We would like to thank those involved in making the event very interesting (Prime Minister's Office; Ministry of Information; Department of Schools, Ministry of Education; Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports; Department of Environments, Parks and Recreations; Nakhoda Ragam Vocational School; Teahers ; staffs and students)

Various kind of food and costumes (Myanmar)
Early in the morning after setting up everything, waiting for the arrival of guests.
(Malaysia - Tin Mining: Kinta Valley, Rubber Plantation and Palm Oil production )
(Laotian Traditional Costume - similar but different than Brunei Darussalam)
Brunei IIA (Sekolah Rendah Dato Othman - one of the winners)
(CAMBODIA - the world of wonder)

(BRUNEI DARUSSALAM - Oil and Gas Exporters)
Knowledge and awareness generated and heightened from the ASEAN CORNERS COMPETITION are surely essential in students learning.

*Indonesia - food exporters, oil and service industries

*Philippines - copra, sugar cane and pine production

We didn't win anything but the experience was worth participating.

credits; Image of the Guest of honour was taken from Ministry of Information website.

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SR Hj Tarif said...

Jointly organized by the Department of Schools, MOE and Department of Information, PM Office.

Venue; Nakhoda Ragam Vocational School Muara -Tutong Highway, Brunei Darussalam.

Wednesday morning 24 syawal 1430H correspodence to 14th October 2009