Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our School Facilities

A very comfortable air-conditioned Pre-School (PRA) classroom. The room got its own water tap & sink for the convinience of the pupils, and the environment is very lively for pupils to learn.

Sample of two classrooms in the school for Year 1 to Year 6. The class is very spacey and very comfortable for teaching & learning to take place. Looking out the window there is a wonderful view of trees & water and also the Water village (^_^)

Our school Library. Well air-contioned and very well organised for the pupils reading convinience. The books available are up to date and are very suitable for the pupils to improve their reading skills in English & in Malay language.

The school stage. For the school to run activities & events and pupils to do performances (^_^)

Notice & Information Board available for the latest school information, events, activities, achievements and pupil's work.

Our Friendly environment school administration office to attend to everyone needs.

The nice and cool Teacher's staffroom

Our school innovative ICT Laboratory, with an Interactive whiteboard for innovation teaching and learning, Wireless Internet aceess for every computer for online research and studies, and also Printer, Scanner & Projector made available for Teachers and Students. We use both Microsoft Windows OS & Apple Mac OS in our school.

[We also have SENA room, RELA room, Prayer room, Religious room, Conference room, Science Lab, Store room, School Canteen and School Kitchen.]

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